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ELY006 (yogev bar): LLBG-KEWR (B77L)
ELY317 (Almog Atar): LLBG-EGLL (B772)
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ELY81 (Roy Allman): LLBG-VTBS (B744)
FDX411 (Emanuel Wiedenmann): LLBG-LGSK (B772)
GTI1196 (Luc Voeltzel): LLBG-LSZH (B772)
GEC8340 (Ole Hardrat): EDDF-LLBG (MD11)

Welcome to Israel!
Just the most amazing place you will ever see...

Weekly Event 2015

Posted on February 28th, 2015 at 18:00.

a Long known tradition is coming back! VATIL’s weekly event!

VATIL has been conducting for years weekly events every weekends where the skies of the Israeli Airspace are being fully illuminated with ATC and traffic from around the world who whish to fly to Israel!
After a time in which this traditional event has been abandoned a bit it’s time to bring it back to life!

So.. What does it mean then? On Every Saturday, Every weekend between 18:00-21:00Z ATC will come online in all the Israeli Virtual Airspace, from the lowest possible positions at LLBG_GND up until Tel Aviv Control positions!
During these times we will be conductiong numerous ATC exams and challenges for both controllers and pilots alike! You will also be able to find some that some events will be concentrating on General Aviation whilst the other days will be concentrating on the Heavy load!

Hope to see you flying with us!


Hannukah Festival

Posted on November 29th, 2014 at 18:30.

Ladies and Gentelmen,

VATIL is proud to announce it’s annual Hannukah event which will take place on Saturday Dec. 20th between 14:00-20:00Z. According to the Hannukah tradition, the whole skies of the Israeli airspace will be lid up, just like the holiday’s Menorah, from the lowest possible ATC stand in Ben-Gurion, up to the CTR level. If that’s not enough most of Israel’s local airports AND local area controls will come online as Well.

In a matter of fact, this event’s main theme will be the concentration on GA traffic for all those GA lovers! VATIL’s official pilot’s traning school will also cunduct Navigation Solo flight for all the flight school’s students- So we are expecting some decent activity! Buthey,  don’t worry, If you are a heavy aircraft lover, We’ve got you covered as well!

So.. Write down the date, and come along!

Happy Hannukah!



Cross The Mediterranean

Posted on November 17th, 2014 at 21:53.

Dear Members,

VATSIM Europe Division as well as VATIL introduce a new events series called ”Cross The Mediterranean”. This event will take place 2 times per year,each time with different airfields once Eastbound and once Westbound. Our first event of this series will be on 22nd of November from 1600z and the airfields that you can choose to depart from are the following:

LPPT: Lisbon,
LEPA: Mallorca,
LIRN: Napoli,
LMMM: Malta.

And the designated airports for arrivals will be:

LGIR: Heraklion,
LCLK: Larnaca,
LIRN: Napoli,
LLBG: Ben Gurion,
LMML: Malta.

The event’s website can be found under from where you will find a redirection to the bookings system (Hosted by VATUK – Thank you!) as well as a wealth of information for our airports and the routes of course.

Pilot Briefing for Foreign pilots: LLBG PILOT  Briefcase

Waiting to see you online!




WORLD FLIGHT 2014 is arriving to Israel!

Posted on October 17th, 2014 at 21:40.


Hello ladies and gentlemen,
For all of those who dont know, WorldFlight is an International non-profit charity virtual flying group based in Australia which conduct each year their traditional world tour in VATSIM network .
Every year these guys attract dozens of pilots worldwide who are literally filling up the network and bringing each destination they come to life!

This year WorldFlight has chosen US as one of their destinations! Therefore, on Thursday morning, Nov. 6th 2014 We will be ready for them! All Israeli airspace will be up and running fully staffed for all the duration of their stay! From their landing from Bucharest till the last departure to Sochi.

Stay tuned!


Pilot Briefing for Foreign pilots: LLBG PILOT  Briefcase