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6H455 (shay barzilai): LLSD-LLET (AT72)
BAW165 (Liav Ezra): LLBG-EGLL (CONC)
ELY361 (Zeev Bucki): LLBG-LOWW (ZZZZ)
ELY363 (Israel Rotaru): LLBG-LOWW (B738)
ISR891 (Rom Shaked): LLBG-UGTB (A320)
SAS2846 (Magnus Lucas): LLBG-ESSA (B738)
6H455 (shay barzilai): LLSD-LLET (AT72)
ELY327 (Jakub Jiricka): LFPG-LLBG (B738)
ELY392 (Shlomy Luxenburg): LEBL-LLBG (B738)

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Runway 21 Grand Opening Event


Posted on July 18th, 2014 at 18:15.

On Friday, July 25th 2014 between 11:00-14:00Z VATIL Division will be inaugurating LLBG’s newly renovated runway 21 in VATSIM network!

In the real world, runway 21 has been in use for more than 25 years as a taxiway for traffic departing rwy 26. As a part of the airport’s major upgrade program which began in 2010 runway 21 was lengthened, windened and was equipped with ILS infrastructure in order to meet the high demands in traffic volume, and to allow two runways to be operated simultaneously: One for departures, the other for arrivals.

To event page: click HERE


NOTAMS – Eilat Airport and more


Posted on May 28th, 2014 at 13:20.

New approaches are available for Eilat airport effective today.
The new VISUAL approach with prescribed track to RWY03 (DAKAR and NESICHA app’s) and VISUAL departure with prescribed from RWY21 replacing the VOR and left hand visual to RWY03 and also SAMAR1B departure from RWY21.

For more information and charts check our General Forum.

Ben Gurion Airport- starting tomorrow RWY21 will be open for landing in real world, as for our virtual skies we need an extra couple of days in order to complete our preparations including sectorfiles, writing down the procedures and the most important thing David Rosenefeld is working hard on an update to his wonderful payware scenery.
Stay tuned for more information regarding operation of RWY21.