ATC Online:  0    5
DAL626 (Michael Albert): LLBG-EGLL (B788)
ELY075 (Eden Briand): LLBG-VHHH (B772)
ELY075A (Shachaf Yasurr): LLBG-VHHH (B77L)
ELY292 (Cesar Sosa): LLBG-LFPG (B738)
ELY571 (Tal Frumerman): LLBG-LROP (B738)
ELY325 (Ido Bone): LFPG-LLBG (B772)
KLM461 (Ido Wachtel): EHAM-LLBG (B739)

  • Freeware

    Flight Simulator X – click  here (by Tomer Haim)
    Flight Simulator 2004: click here (by David Rosenfeld)


    Flight Simulator X – click here (by David Resenfeld)
    Flight Simulator 2004 – click here (by David Resenfeld)

    ** Lastest update For Payware LLBG by David Rosenfeld  is Version 2.1 and some small fixes , availble Here
         Rw21 Update will be availble soon by FSADDON.

  • Freeware

    Flight Simulator X – click here (by Tomer Haim)

  • Freeware

    Flight Simulator X – click here (by ISP)


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