Ovda Airport‬ is a military air base and civilian airport in the Ovda region of southern Israel,
about 60 km (37 mi) north of the city of Eilat.
It is the country’s second international airport.

At OVDA Airport you can find Small civil’ terminal and 2 runways (03l/21r, 03r/21l).


Sim Download Size Author
P3D & FSX LLOV Ovda 72.2MB Freeware Niv Tesler & Bar Rodoy
P3D LLOV Ovda P3D Update 21KB Freeware Niv Tesler & Bar Rodoy


File Name
General Aerodrome Chart
General Aerodrome Obstacle – RWY 03L/21R
General Aerodrome Obstacle – 03R/21L
Ground Parkings Chart
Departure RWY 03L, 03R, 21L, 21R NURIT 1A, 1B, 2C, 2D
Departure RWY 21R, 21L NURIT 1E, 1F
Approach VOR Z RWY 21R
Approach ILS RWY 21R
Approach Visual Approach Chart
Approach MARGO Visual RWY 03L
Approach ROMIE Visual RWY 03R

METAR & TAF:LLOV airport does not have its own METAR & TAF data, we use LLET data for flights to this airport.