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  1. Chris Bell

    !iCVFR Israel Scenery Project Released

    @Dolev Ravid i dont think i can create new pm's, whenever i try i get error message about my inbox being full and i should empty some, when i do i still get the same error, i probably have to delete allot of my PM's if my user quota shrunk; i dont want to lose these
  2. Chris Bell

    !iCVFR Israel Scenery Project Released

    all of you who are having trouble accessing iCVFR project sub forum, you need to change your VATSIM division association to the middle east and you will automatically gain access to that sub forum, before this association change is made by VATSIM first; VATSIM (note its not VATIL) permission will not allow you to see iCVFR sub forum!
  3. Chris Bell

    !iCVFR Israel Scenery Project Released

    Hi Erik, the idea behind the project was to inspire kids in Israel and open the doors to to aviation world by provide them a free environment they can fly in as they make their first steps into aviation world, the project was an donation to VATIL and should remain as VATIL exclusive resource, the project require help setting it up and further upkeep the guys here are all familiar with, having a central point of distribution as well as knowledge base has proven itself solid over the years now, the project is available to all; they just need to sign on to VATIL for a reason which i outlined few above, i know my decision may sound harsh it has good intentions behind it, FYI i am unable to send new PM's too atm only correspond via existing ones (its not full mailbox issue), we can continue this in private on our forums if you wish https://forums.chrisbelldesigns.com/
  4. Chris Bell

    !iCVFR Israel Scenery Project Released

    Hi Oliver you need to first change your VATSIM region to Middle East (you can change it back gain later); this may take few hours until servers sync once they have; when you login the sub section containing the project will be visible to you as well
  5. !thats was simply a joy to watch this thread ,what a beautiful shoots, each brings up memories !this is what it was all about !Thank you for putting all our work to good use guys
  6. Chris Bell


    happy to see you found your way home, welcome back Moshe
  7. Omer Cohen - VATIL5 has taken over the site Admin responsibility; I’ve sent him a pm on your behalf,
  8. are you ready for this? something to keep you busy until your membership approved
  9. Chris Bell

    מזל טוב לירדן.

    happy birthday Yarden and many more in good health
  10. Hi Moshe, welcome back Yes, Yes, and 14 it is the sweetest and cleanest set for Israel by far LOD 14 is about 18GB, the high res of this if i ever decide to render it; would be about 80GB easy the projects includes most of Israel airport, object, and existing scenery developed by our in-house guys here vector data based roads, buildings, and tree detection, with 3d waves allot is condensed in this complete set for Israel
  11. iCVFR Pro is iCVFR younger brother, and both are the younger siblings of iVFR
  12. woaaaht... are youre still on FSX its time Ittai; its safe to move on now
  13. ?not pro right i don’t recall using google imagery in pro
  14. nice to see you post pics again Elai what is that PR you got mixed in there