Tel-Aviv, Israel


About us

VATIL is a voluntary organization, which works as a division of the international VATSIM network, which strives to simulate air-traffic control services for flight simulator users.


The VATSIM network is a worldwide air-traffic simulation network intended for flight simulator users. It strives to simulate the real aviation world in the most realistic manner.

Division’s Departments

Training department – Responsible for ATC training
Events and PR department – Responsible for divisional events and public relations
Technical Support department – Responsible for giving technical support services to division members and for helping new members.

What is a flight simulator?

A flight-simulator is a software that is intended for aviation training for both professional pilots and amateur pilots like us.
There are two recommended simulators currently on the market.
The first is XPLANE11 by Laminar Research – which is well known for the high level of realism, and its expandability that allows using add-ons for a more realistic weather simulation, realistic scenery, and precision aircraft simulations.
The second is Prepar3d V4 by Lockheed Martin.
It is based on the older and famous FSX by Microsoft, but has better support for recent technology advancements and very high level of detail aircraft simulations.
There are also older simulators (e.g. FSX and FS2004) but these are less recommended due to a lack of compatibility with current technology, although still usable.

I want to become an Air-Traffic controller, where do I start.
The division trains a new generation of highly skilled and professional air-traffic controllers.
If you wish to join VATIL air-traffic controllers’ ranks, please send a mail to the training department manager: 

I am a newbie who wants to learn to fly, where do I start

Firstly, we highly recommend visiting our technical support website:

Secondly, we suggest enrollment to VFS (Virtual Flight School), where you can learn aviation from the basics on a professional level.

What is VFS?

VFS is a flight school that operates on the VATSIM network in cooperation with VATIL.
It wishes to train pilots from the basics to be able to perform flights on the network as realistically as possible.
You may contact the staff using the VFS website:

Where does VATIL work?

We use a Discord server that can be found following the link:

In order to connect to the Discord server you may follow the link above.
We recommend following the following tutorial:

How do I connect to VATSIM?

In order to connect to the VATSIM network you need to use a client software.
For XPLANE users, we recommend using XSQUAWKBOW.
For Prepar3d V4 users, we recommend using VPILOT.
Installation instructions can be found on the technical support website.

What is a scenery?

A scenery add-on is a ground image or modeling of a specific city, airport, or a satellite image, which is intended to improve the realism of the flight simulation experience by attempting to replicate the real landscape and terrain.