Tel-Aviv, Israel

Who We Are

VATIL – The Israeli Division of VATSIM organization is a non-profit internet-based organization which unites Israeli aviation enthusiasts through flight simulation programs, thus enabling them to train in an “as real as it gets” aviation environment whether piloting or Air Traffic Controlling skills using real-world procedures.

Established in 2003, VATIL quickly became Israel’s leading virtual aviation community with hundreds of active members, including dozens of virtual Air Traffic Controllers and many others contributing to our community by building freeware Add-Ons to our simulation programs, simulating Israeli airports alongside airliners and other aircraft painted in Israeli airliner or general aviation schemes. Soon later, it were VATIL members who founded the first Virtual Flight School in the world, which allowed our community to grow even more significantly by attracting Israeli aviation enthusiasts without any prior aviation experience seeking to gain real world-like aviation knowledge and experience free of charge, without the hefty costs involved in the real VFR and IFR training programs. 
VATIL also may be regarded as a substantial springboard for those seeking to pursue aviation as their future career. In 17 years of existence, many of our members eventually chose this path and today work as airliner pilots in Israel’s leading airlines alongside numerous international airlines, civilian and military pilots, Air Traffic Controllers, dispatchers, ramp workers and much more! 

Therefore, it is safe to say that VATIL is for us not only a community, but rather the home of the Israeli virtual aviation!